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Serverty® Unveils itself to the Public.

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November 27, 2011 – After more than 6 months of anticipated waiting. Serverty webhosting solutions finally opened its doors to the public. Today Tri-Host Inc. announced a launch of a new Web Hosting company that would bring web hosting to new levels. A company that would put customers first and profits last.

“You’re never too small to start? Said the CEO of Tri-Host Inc. When asked if Serverty will be able to manage the difficulties of hosting with only 3 employees. He stated “I believe that Serverty will show the world that you don’t have to be a large company to offer professional services.” Serverty may be small but our hearts are in it” stated a sign at the welcome party. Many companies’ criticize Serverty for starting so early, we overheard one gentlemen say “This is nothing new. We see many webhosting companies’ start every day and not live to see another year, it’s just a matter of time.” But the Company CEO was quick to denounce that statement. Saying Serverty is not just any old startup, but a professional startup, a startup that will one day, be bigger than any web hosting company you know.

Serverty Web Hosting Solutions currently has 3 packages right now for sell. The starter plan which includes Unlimited Diskspace and Bandwidth, and 10 domains is priced at $3.36/Per Month. The Business plan which also includes Unlimited Diskspace/Bandwidth and Domains, sells for $6.36/Per Month. The Professional Package which also includes Unlimited also has Free Website Design included into the package which is priced at $10.36 per month.

Serverty Web hosting solutions is currently offering Free Hosting for 1 month. For more information on this free offer please email

ABOUT Tri-Host Inc.

Founded in 2007, Tri-Host Inc. has been purchasing digital content from all over the world, gaining a Competitive edge in the digital main stream. Tri-Host Inc™ operations are in the United States.



Robert Dunbar Serverty Inc. 607-742-3605

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